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We got your Front #11

Start your week with top Front-end news

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front!  This issue, look forward to reading about GraphQL, Astro, tips and more! Get it in your inbox.




1. Remix V2

In his latest article, Fotis Adamkis takes a refreshing and humorous approach as he shares some of the most terrible coding tips he has ever come across. With a touch of wit and a deep understanding of the coding world, Adamkis captivates his readers by shedding light on the worst advice that web developers should avoid.

2. Front-Commerce 3.

Front-Commerce 3.0 was officially released last week. With foundations based on Remix ⬆️, this new version not only encapsulates the essence of Front-Commerce but also its significant advancements in e-commerce development. With a focus on web performance, developer experience, and adherence to web standards, this release is set to redefine how you approach building your online storefronts.

3. Bun vs Node.js

Dive deep into Bun, check out its features, and find out how it compares to the well-established Node.js. The article compares both tools in terms of Javascript runtime, package management, bundling, and test running.

4. Stop Using State for React Forms

Apparently there is a better way 😅. When it comes to handling forms in React, the most popular approach is to store the input values in state variables.  Using hooks solves a lot of problems in React, but is it required when it comes to forms? The alternative approach is to use the native FormData interface of JavaScript. Dive into find out how.

5. AI frontend components by Vercel

Submit prompts like “a country selection field” or “a contact form” and receive a copy/paste-able shadcn/ui + Tailwind CSS code. It's in private mode, but the results are visible - and it's real.

Vercel Labs