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We got your Front #10

Start your week with top Front-end news

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front!  This issue, look forward to reading about GraphQL, Astro, tips and more! Get it in your inbox.




1. 15 Terrible Tips for Web Developers

In his latest article, Fotis Adamkis takes a refreshing and humorous approach as he shares some of the most terrible coding tips he has ever come across. With a touch of wit and a deep understanding of the coding world, Adamkis captivates his readers by shedding light on the worst advice that web developers should avoid.

2.  Learn GraphQL for free

As a developer, there's a good chance you need to know about GraphQL! freeCodeCamp have done it again with an awesome online course created by the NetNinja. Dive right in ↓

3. Introducing Astro 3.0!

Out just over a week ago, here's everything we need to know about Astro 3.0:

  • Astro 3.0 is the first major web framework to support the View Transitions API.
  • Image Optimization (stable): Unflagged and better than ever.
  • Faster Rendering Performance: Astro components render 30-75% faster.
  • SSR Enhancements for Serverless: New ways to connect to your hosting platform.
  • HMR Enhancements for JSX: Fast Refresh support for React and Preact.
  • Optimized Build Output: Cleaner and more performant HTML.

4.   How to use Node Cron to automate tasks

Learn how to use Node Cron to automate tasks at different intervals in NodeJS. Great for saving time and effort! Node Cron is a powerful library that allows you to schedule and run tasks at specific times or intervals in your Node.js applications. Whether you need to periodically update a database, send automated emails, or perform any other recurring task, Node Cron has got you covered.

5.  The Project Helping All Browsers Deliver the Same Web Platform

Interop is a crucial concept in the world of web development. It refers to the ability of different browsers to implement web platform technologies in a consistent and standardized manner. It not only benefits developers but also users who can enjoy a seamless browsing experience regardless of their preferred browser.

The Interop 2023 project is an initiative aimed at driving better support for developers by encouraging browsers to adopt and adhere to common web standards. By promoting interoperability, the project strives to eliminate the need for developers to write browser-specific code or perform extensive testing on multiple browsers. This, in turn, saves time and effort, allowing developers to focus on creating innovative and user-friendly web applications. Learn more below.