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We got your Front #02

Top Front-end news this week

Welcome to this week's issue of We Got Your Front! Content handpicked and summarized by our own team of front-end developers to help you get the best and most essential front-end news. Get it in your inbox.




1.The Software Architecture Handbook

A simple, surface-level, easy-to-understand introduction to Software Architecture and how to organize it in one online handbook. Get a rapid overview of architecture concepts, different infrastructures and folder structures - along with corresponding definitions, diagrams and code examples.

2. How to Prepare for React Interviews

Ace your next interview with this free guide! Be prepared to talk about programming languages tools & frameworks, past projects, challenges and your strengths. The most commonly asked questions are about array methods, implementing polyfills, debouncing, closures and React hooks. There are a lot of topics, but with a bit of practice you will be prepared!

3. The challenges of being the editor of a software intended to be integrated

Creating a product destined for three different personas has its challenges 😅 (and this is a challenge in itself!) Extensibility, backwards compatibility and upgradability, support, documentation. Learn how developers can surmount this kind of daily difficulty.

4. Architecting an API Backend

Not a new article, but definitely a still relevant one. What does the architecture of an API platform actually look like?  There are 4 kinds of API architecture outlined in this article, but they can in fact be more complex than that, tapping into various services to support their own backend, making the architecture stack deceptively complex, often mimicking how it is maintained and what the service accomplishes.

Learn more, including the golden rule of API design!

5. 12 Essential Skills Your ReactJS Developers Should Have

An in-depth recruiting guide for React developers and teams, here are the top skill sets to be looking for, according to

- HTML + CSS, JSX, JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6, Git, Node + NPM, Redux,Fetch Data from Both GraphQL and Rest APIs

- Excellent communication, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity & accountability. 

6. 12 APIs that you as a developer will love 💖

A list of cool, free & easy to use APIs! No need for a recap, just click below and dive in yourself!