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We got your Front #03

Top Front-end news to start 2023

Welcome to this week's issue of We Got Your Front! Content handpicked and summarized by our own team of front-end developers to help you get the best and most essential front-end news. Get it in your inbox.

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1. 2022 In Review: What’s New In Web Performance?

The way we measure and optimize website speed is always changing. New web standards are introduced, new tools are developed, and new metrics suggested.

This article takes a look how the web performance landscape changed in 2022, with a look to what's coming in 2023.

2. Common mistakes to avoid in RESTful web API Design

A nugget written by Google Cloud engineers, learn from these 6 common mistakes to improve your API design & management.

  1. Thinking inside-out vs outside-in
  2. Making your APIs too complex for users
  3. Creating APIs with too many calls
  4. Not allowing for flexibility
  5. Making design unreadable to humans
  6. Know when you can break the RESTful rules

3. Is React going anywhere?

Are people moving away from React the same way we saw the mass migration out of AngularJS back in 2015? This is the first we've heard of it! What technology is being picked up instead? Why now? Get the lowdown ↓

4. 11 Tips To Make You a Better Typescript Programmer

Your initial impression of Typescript can be deceptive. 😬 This article contains 11 advanced tips to help you use the language to its full potential and gain a better insight on how the tools work.

  1. Think in {Set} by using it as a conceptual model
  2. Understand declared type and narrowed type
  3. Use discriminated union instead of optional fields
  4. Use type predicate to avoid type assertion
  5. Control how union types are distributed
  6. Use exhaustive checking to catch unhandled cases at compile time
  7. Prefer type over interface (there are exceptions)
  8. Prefer tuple over array whenever appropriate
  9. Control how general or specific the inferred types are
  10. Use infer to create extra generic type parameters
  11. Reduce code duplication to a minimum by being creative with type manipulation

5. Migrating our Largest Mobile App to React Native

For Shopify, React remains a part of the future. Discover how they built and migrated their biggest app,  whilst teaching the team React Native - at the same time. 😅 Get the drawbacks, the migration plan, the benefits and the challenges resolved along the way.