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We got your Front #04

Top Front-end news to start your week

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front! Content handpicked and summarized by our own team of front-end developers to help you get the best and most essential front-end news. Get it in your inbox.


1. Introducing Astro 2.0!

The popular web framework for building performant, content-focused websites has launched version 2! Get the lowdown on all the different features, highlights & improvements, including a new public roadmap.

2. Things I want to see in JavaScript and Frontend development in 2023

Paul Armstrong reflects on what is and is not working in front-end development – here are the 6 top things he’d like to see change this year. An interesting, clear and objective read - we highly recommend!

  1. Usage of Axios declines or goes EOL
  2. Successful use of the Node.js Test Runner
  3. Less divisive stances on CSS solutions
  4. Less venture capital backed open source
  5. Decline of weak Eslint rules and configs
  6. React either gets it’s crap together or gets out of the way

3. ChatGPT React Course – Code Your Own ChatGPT Clone have launched free 1 hour course on YouTube to teach you how to use the OpenAI API with React to create powerful applications.

4. This is Why We Stopped Using React Native

Mobile app developer, James Rickett, explains the good and the bad and the ugly of React Native, including why it isn't as popular or as user friendly as we might think.

5. A first look at Remix Streaming from the v1.11.0 release

Remix Streaming with React Suspense and Remix Defer in less than 5 minutes. Watch now.