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We got your Front #09

Start your week with top Front-end news

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front!  This issue, look forward to reading about CSS, APIs, testing and more! Get it in your inbox.


1. CSS: The Good Parts

Today, CSS is no longer just a simple styling language, but rather a versatile and powerful tool that can revolutionize web design. With its wide range of features and capabilities, CSS has become like a Swiss army knife for web developers. Explore where CSS started all the way to where it is today.

2. How To Reduce Page Load Time In JavaScript

  • Why Reduce Page Load Time in JavaScript?
  • How to Reduce Page Load Time in JavaScript?
  • Importance of Testing Websites for Speed Optimization

3. Why do we check the number of external API calls in our audits?

Performance is essential to improve user experience, but also to reduce server load and increase the site's traffic capacity. To optimise and ensure that performance, Front-Commerce have built an extensive audit process that includes checking the number of external API calls, to both increase performance and also scalability. Learn more about their audit process

4.   Best Practices for Writing Unit Tests

Unit tests matter! An essential part of the software development process, they ensure that each component of a system functions as expected. This  comprehensive guide to writing manual and automated unit tests is clear and a great start to incorporating them into your workflow.

5.  Make Something Developers Want

I'm sure we all agree, making a product that developers actually want to use looks a little different from a product destined for other target audiences :

  1. You should embrace open-source
  2. You should have a free tier
  3. You should have excellent documentation
  4. You should be able to get support from developersYou should be part of a community

6.  2023 State of the API Report

The world's largest and most comprehensive survey and report on APIs - over 40,000 developers and API professionals were consulted. The report also covers API monetization and generative AI as designing APIs for machines becomes increasingly important. Dive in ↓