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We got your Front #15

Start your week with top Front-end news

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front!  This issue brings you the latest trends and insights, from security vulnerabilities to the ever evolving React landscape. Get it in your inbox.


1. React Will Be Compiled

Upcoming changes to React will involve compiling the code. This is expected to be in a future version, likely by the end of 2024, and not in React 19. The compilation will enable automatic memoization, which is a performance optimization technique that React currently requires developers to handle manually. This change is expected to simplify development and improve performance without fundamentally changing how React works.

2 . Warp! - A new way to use your command line

There's a new way to use your command line - with Warp. Warp is a drop-in replacement for your terminal that offers a more user-friendly experience. Some of the features of Warp include auto-completion, AI-powered suggestions, and the ability to collaborate with others. It is currently available for macOS and Linux, with Windows support coming soon. Dive into the features of Warp and how it compares to other options.

3. Seven Common Front End security attacks

This article discusses what front-end security is and why it is important. The article also details seven specific types of common front-end attacks. Some of these attacks include cross-site scripting (XSS), dependency risks, and clickjacking. Learn about the importance of understanding these vulnerabilities for developers.

4. No Home Screen PWA web apps for iOS in EU

In their upcoming iOS 17.4 update Apple will block PWAs from appearing on the Home Screen for iOS devices in the EU, citing compliance with the Digital Markets Act. This move has been criticized by developers but Apple downplays the impact, claiming few users utilize the feature.

5. A perfect web framework

Tero Piirainen argues for several key qualities in a "perfect" web framework:

1. Instant development loop: This means seeing changes reflected immediately, boosting developer productivity. Frameworks like Vite and Next.js are mentioned as examples.
2. Easy to scale development experience (DX): Ideally, the framework should allow people with different skillsets (content creators, designers, developers) to contribute and scale the project independently. The article criticizes frameworks like React and Vite where the burden falls solely on JavaScript developers.

6. React Trends in 2024

Robin Wieruch discusses emerging trends in the React ecosystem for 2024. Despite challenges faced in 2023, particularly around React Server Components (RSC), the author highlights several exciting trends:

  • React Server Components (RSC)
  • Astro with React
  • Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR)
  • Vite

The article highlights a dynamic and evolving React landscape with new tools and approaches shaping the future of React development.