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We got your Front #06

Top Front-end news to start your week

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front! This issue talks Typescript, React and UI logical rules - summarized by our own team of front-end developers to help you get the best and most essential front-end news. Get it in your inbox.


1. Typescript utility types that you must know

Part 2 of a 3-part typescript series, this article will make your life easier. Discover some of the most used typescript utility types used by developers worldwide to clean their code and to work with types more expressively and concisely.

2. The Definitive TypeScript 5.0 Guide

Basically everything you need to know about the basic features and functionality of TypeScript 5.0. This article was updated in March 2023 and included all the latest evolutions.

3. REST vs. gRPC - What’s the Difference?

REST is built on the HTTP 1.1 protocol and lets you define APIs based on request-response models. gRPC is built on the HTTP 2.0 protocol and uses its bi-directional communication feature and the conventional response-request model. This means that in REST APIs, multiple requests from multiple clients are served sequentially, whereas, in gRPC, numerous requests are processed simultaneously, as HTTP 2.0 allows multiplexing. Read the full article to dive deeper into the benefits of each.

4. 10 11 Advanced Git Commands

  1. Git Rebase
  2. Searching a Git Repo
  3. Git Rev-List
  4. Git Log
  5. Git Diff
  6. Git Reflog
  7. Git Revery
  8. Git Prune
  9. Git Stash
  10. Git Tag
  11. Git Clean

5. 16 little UI design rules that make a big impact

With a clear set of logical rules, UI design becomes less complicated. Discover Adham's list of rules applied to a user interface design case study to redesign an example user interface using logical rules or guidelines. They're so logical you'll wonder why you didn't apply them first!

6. A visual introduction to React

From the history of the web to rendering & managing effects, this post is a great read to understand what React is, where it comes from and how it works, simply with efficient graphics in a beautiful vintage style design. Even your marketing team will understand React after reading this!