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We got your Front #07

Top Front-end news to start your week

Welcome to the latest issue of We Got Your Front!  This issue, look forward to reading about Remix, VSCode, DevEx and more! Get it in your inbox.


1. Remix Conf 2023

The Remix Conf features members of the Remix community, giving them an opportunity to inspire each other to build excellent apps with the Remix web framework. If you missed it, you can access each talk on replay below.

2. The Art of Code Reviews

An oldie, but a goodie, Artem shares his experience as a code reviewer for a multi-country e-commerce solution with millions of euros of annual revenue and a team of 15 front-end engineers.

3. 7 Tips to Build Scalable Node.js Applications

As the number of users of an application increases, the application should scale and handle the increased payloads effectively. This article is full of helpful tips when it comes to building scalable applications using Node.js.

4.  VS Code Extensions to Take Your Coding to the Next Level

VS Code is one of the most popular and powerful code editors available today. This article explores some of the top VS Code extensions to help take your coding to the next level and will boost your productivity.

5. VSCode Remote Development: Setup and usage

Keeping in theme .. Workspace organisation is a fairly large piece of the remote work puzzle. And of course, every developer has their own preferences for their setup, whether it be software or hardware. This is where VSCode Remote Development comes in.

6.  DevEx: What Actually Drives Productivity

The developer-centric approach to measuring and improving productivity! This practical framework combines feedback from developers with data about the engineering systems they interact with to provide a clear view of what to measure and focus on to improve developer productivity.